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Part III | Waiting for Peace

Waiting for Peace





Caption: 01/25/2016. Meeting in a little village of Putumayo department, Amazonian jungle. At the right side, Joaquín Gómez, permanent member of the peace delegation and chief of the FARC southern block on the stage with his commandants facing hundreds of people coming from peasant and indigenous communities. During the meeting, he explained the distinct points of the peace talks and the four agreements reached (about an integral rural reform, the politic participation, the illegal crops and their substitution and the justice and reparation agreement). He also answered questions from the public about concerns for the post peace agreement.

Part III | Waiting for Peace

During all the time of the negotiations, several events took place on the Other Colombia to spread the peace process and the content of the agreement. Meeting with the people, vigil for peace, the last trip of the FARC-EP as an Army to the transitional zones where they handes over their weapons… several events during the two last years, testimony of the peace construction.

This part is still in progress…