Part I | The Other Colombia

The Caquetá department where the reportage takes place is an example of these territories marked by the war. Caquetá begins in the Andes mountains in the north and finishes with the Amazon jungle in the south. It’s also one of the borders of the agrarian colonization. The farmers came, cutting paths through the jungle with their machetes, some of them escaping from political persecution. Today, the younger generations have very little means with which to change or think about the future. It is difficult to go to school and most of the time, children start to work very young, at age 11-12, helping their family and then, searching a job in other farms. Military presence is a constant and, since it is considered a hotbed of guerrilla activity, the entire territory is stigmatized, while most of the soldiers are young and come from peasant families. A large portion of the region is under the control of the FARC-EP since several decades. They have a local political power that make them "law" as they say. This part of the global project will contextualize the Other Colombia.

This work is still in progress.