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20 Fotógrafos 2018 - Bolivia

Nadege Mazars

20 fotógrafos is a meeting of photographers organized each year in some part of Latin America by Colectivo +1, a collective of Colombian photographers. This year, was in Concepción (Bolivia). The idea is really simple and very effective: a group of 20 tutors is developing each one a project with 2 students and under the support of 5 editors. It means for one week around 100 people all fascinated by photography are sharing experiences and anlysis, practices, good ideas and errors or failure. So, it’s a big camp and for me as a tutor, with, well three students, Vanessa Terán,Juan Manuel Lobatón, and Andrés Stani Jablonski, it was a rewarding experience. Our project was about a local myth, the Jichi, and our editor was Magdalena Herrera..

Have a look to the project here:

or the video in Youtube (but the interview are missing:

© Nadège Mazars

© Nadège Mazars

© Federico Pardo

© Federico Pardo