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Coming back from a FARC camp in the Caqueta

Coming back from a large and intense journey into the Caquetá jungle, at the time of the bilateral ceasefire ratification. I met guerrilleros preparing themselves while the war intents to be forgotten. Here a class of guerrilleros coming from several fronts, learning to write, read and count. It's quite common that they almost never had the opportunity to go to school. They come from very poor peasants family and had to work very young as "jornalero", before choosing engage into the guerrilla. There, when the war was not so strong, they took some days to learn to write.

At the front right, Joaco, 35. Joaco is a veteran. He comes from the Caribbean coast. He grew up with his grandparents. He began to work at 13 in the farms and went to school for only a week in his entire life because the schoolteacher beat him. At 15, he got hired as cocalero (coca-grower) in the Llanos and after that he met the FARC-EP. He was engaged in various combat activities and he was one of the close-knit guards to Mono Jojoy, the chief, now dead, of the western bloc. He suffered various injuries and now he has difficulty walking for long distances with heavy equipment.