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working in Latin America, based in

+57-3135097792 (phone and whatsapp)

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So, my name is Nadège Mazars. I'm a French photographer and I live in Colombia since 2007, working in all Latin America.
On my website you will find some of the stories I did over the five last years, in particular a story about former gang members converted to Christianity and other story about my long term project The Other Colombia and the peace process. There is also a page dedicated to the stories published. And soon, news stories, a portrait section, and an other page dedicated to the assignment I did.


mazars.nadege [at]
Phone and Whatsapp: + 57 - 313 509 77 92
Phone when in Europe and North America: +33 6 35 66 68 95

Archives: to download photos from the Hans Lucas studio platform

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