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Part II | The FARC-EP Guerrilla

The FARC-EP Combatants





Between war and peace

Part II | The FARC-EP Guerrilla


Between peace and war

After four years of negotiations at Cuba, the FARC guerrilla and the Colombian government signed a peace deal at the end of 2016. The insurgent army had more than 8.000 fighters. This part of the project presents an intimate point of view about the daily lives of the FARC guerrilleros to seize their identities. Most of them come from peasant families. They lived nomadic lives for years. The series present members of the Southern Bloc FARC-EP and some others from the guard of the commander Carlos Antonio Lozada.

The first series, Between Peace and War, shows the daily lives of the guerilla. The pictures were taken between May 2015 and September 2016. Most of the guerrilleros come from the same region and have other family members in the guerilla. Some of them joined the guerrilla while still very young, escaping from a dysfunctional family or a history of violence and repression. All of them abandoned their old identities and took up new names when they joined this new family. It is difficult for them to imagine or believe in a peaceful future. But all of them also tells they will continue with the movement, even without weapon, waiting the commander’s guidance. “I’m in the line, and here, I have to stay”, says one of them.

The reportage gives a particular focus to women’s situations.Female combatants represent between 30 and 40% of the FARC’s members. The extent and nature of women’s participation during conflicts is frequently underestimated, and therefore their own place in the implementation of a peaceful state


From the Shadows to the Light

The second series, From the Shadows to the Light, is a portrait series made between September 2016 and February 2017, at the time they left their confidential refuge into the jungle, until now under the protection of its green shadows. They let behind them their clandestine life to appear in the broad daylight. The series tries to figure this transition from the shadows to the light, inspiring by the tenebrism style of the painter Caravaggio. It lets appearing their singularity after years in the insurgent army, yet under a stringent military discipline.